Manage Emotions – Change Your Frequency and Change Your Life

Managing emotions can be a full time job. Do you sometimes feel out of control – like you’re being blown about by an emotional storm? One of your own making? If so listen to this episode of Your Freedom Unlimited where I explain the power of your emotional frequency and what you can do to take charge and make a change.

When you change your frequency you can change your daily life – as well as change your overall life for the better.  As part of this, I’m sharing one of what I call the master frequencies that make all of the difference.

Managing Emotions Is About Managing Your Frequency

So what do I mean when I talk about managing emotions by managing your frequencies? I’m talking about managing the frequency, or the emotion, that we hold at any particular time or in any particular situation.

So in this moment … How are you feeling right now?

What is your frequency right now as you’re reading this blog?

So that is your frequency right now. It’s important to remember we also hold frequencies with regard to overall situations. For example our business, or our work or our relationships or our children.

These frequencies are bound up in the stories that we tell ourselves about our lives. If you want to know more about this go back to listen to episodes 11, 13 and 15 where I talk about the stories we tell ourselves and how to change these stories. 

What is Your Frequency Code?

Some of the work I do with people is to help them understand the frequency code they are holding about themselves, a particular relationship, place or situation. These frequency codes are really vital and when you understand them you can start to create an entirely new code that will make all the difference to the outcomes you are getting in your relationships, with your health, business, career and finances.

There is a bit to unravelling your frequency code this but today I’d like to just draw your attention to the importance of understanding the frequencies that you are holding in any given moment.

What Frequency Are You Holding?

As you know there are many different frequencies or emotions that we can hold in any given moment. The key is to become more aware of where your frequency is at in any given moment.

I remember when I was not so aware of the fact that I could actually choose my frequency I felt like I was almost like a boat being thrown about on the ocean with whatever circumstances came up then that’s how my frequency would be.

So if it was a “calm sunny day” on the ocean, ie. my outside circumstances were good, then I had permission to feel good, but if it was a stormy windy day, ie. things were not going well at work or home – then I might not feel so good.

Change Your Frequency And Change Your Life

So what I’m talking about here is how I would let outside circumstances impact how I felt.  I was dependent on anyone or the situation I came into contact with e.g. interacting with a friend or getting bad news from a client. All of these outside things would impact me.

I was allowing my frequency to be impacted by what was going on outside me.

Choose Your Frequency – Choose Your Life

The big turn around with all of this was realizing that once I started thinking more consciously about what frequency I was holding then I could actually change my response to a difficult situation or a difficult piece of news.

It also meant that I could also consciously change my overall outlook on that day – to really call in what I wanted and how I wanted to feel.

This was absolutely huge for me because suddenly I was coming home to myself rather than being buffeted on the ocean by whatever was happening outside me.

This is an incredible place to be when you find that you can actually start being intentional about your emotions and choosing your perspective.

Understanding the Master Frequencies Is Vital

So today I want to focus on what I call the master frequencies for a happier, more connected, more free life.

Why are they the master frequencies? Because when you focus on these frequencies, and work with them,  everything can really change.

So every week for the next few weeks I’ll share a new master frequency with you.

Managing Emotions with the Master Frequency of Calm Neutrality

The master frequency I want to share with you today is calm neutrality. I feel really called to share with you how I used this technique in March of 2019 when my beautiful mother passed away.

That was a really, really difficult time in my life. I had not experienced anything like it before and to say that it was dreadful is an understatement.

My beautiful mother had been sick for many years with dementia so it wasn’t a surprise when she passed away.  And even though we’d been preparing as she’d had dementia for 20 years and had been really unwell the last five, it was still something that you can never really prepare yourself for.

 The way Mum chose to transition was actually very beautifull. She had a stroke and was in a coma for 11 days which is actually a very long time – it’s almost unheard of. But I believe she stayed with us that long so that our whole family could gather together. One of my brothers was overseas for work and another lives in southern Australia so it was really was very important for them to get home to see mum before she transitioned.  

What was incredible during that time was that I had been working with the concept of frequency and vibration for a couple of years. As such I had enough presence to realise that I had two ways of approaching Mum’s passing.

I could really go into making it a process where I became very upset and sad or I could choose a different perspective. I could choose to be there as much as I could for her and for my father and my family.  So what that meant was that instead of taking that traditional story where I would have gone into quite an anxious, emotional state I chose to remain in the frequency of calm, love and as much neutrality as possible. Of course, I had some dreadfully sad moments but choosing this different approach was far better.

My beautiful Mum
My beautiful Mum

What Did Staying In The Frequency of Calm Do For Me?

Firstly it meant I was not in the depths of despair, and did not exhaust myself, in those 11 very long days leading to her transition.  I physically had more energy to be present and make the decisions we needed to make.

More importantly it meant I could be there to really experience some precious moments with my mother – to stroke her brow or hold her hand lovingly.

One of my favourite memories as a child was Mum reading to me. As she was in a coma and couldn’t speak I chose to read to her some stories I knew she loved from the Bible.

I could do these things and spend those precious moments because I chose to be calm, loving and neutral frequency.

The other benefit of choosing that frequency in that moment allowed me to be there for my father and my sister and the rest of my family. Rather than them being distracted by me being upset or inconsolable I was able to be there for them – particularly my father. He is an incredible man who had cared for mum for the last 15 years. He needed quite a bit of support in that time as you can imagine. So that opportunity to choose my frequency in that moment was really profound because it meant that I could be there for him and he could get what he needed from me.

 So while that is an emotional story it does show how choosing your frequency will make all the difference.

Over To You

So that is our master frequency this week – calm, loving neutrality. This is about being about present in the moment ­– when we are present we are available to what is. It’s such a profound place to be.  

This one is powerful because it opens the door to help you respond rather than being bobbing and buffeted around in the ocean.

This is just one of the key master frequencies and I’ll share more with you in future weeks.

In sharing this with you today I want to encourage you to think about how you are operating in your daily life and what choices you’re making in terms of your overall emotions.

Think about how can you bring some calm to a situation that that might feel very uncomfortable for you right now. What opportunities could it open up for you? Could you bring more beauty and more joy into your life by choosing this perspective? I am eternally grateful that for those last eleven days with my Mum I did make that choice as we had some incredibly beautiful moments together.

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