Acceptance – how can it help us to navigate life more easily? Do you sometimes find life really hard? Would you like to find an easier way? If so join me on Your Freedom Unlimited this week where I share with you how to make everything simpler in life by tapping into the master frequency of accepting and allowing. Why? Because accepting and allowing immediately reduces the resistance we have to what is going on in our lives. 

Why is that? Because resistance uses up a lot of energy up on thoughts and emotions that don’t serve us. Feeling things like worry, fear, anxiety, anger, shame and guilt or sadness. All of these emotions waste a huge amount of energy.

I remember as a child I grew up on a property in the country. All of our access roads were dirt so sometimes when it rained heavily we would get rained in. The roads were so wet and boggy we couldn’t actually drive on them. Sometimes though we got caught out and would get bogged. If you have ever seen a bogged vehicle you know it’s bad. The vehicle literally gets stuck in the mud and cannot move. You are stopped in your tracks.

Yet when the road was dry on our property it was super easy to get exactly where we wanted to go. Because there was no resistance.


To me that sticky, dense, intransigent mud is just like the resistance that we feel when we don’t accept and allow what is going on. We are figuratively stopped in our tracks. This stuckness stops everything from flowing and stops us from going where we want to go. 

But if we stay in acceptance and allowing it is just like that dry road – we can get exactly to where we want to go – much more easily and much more quickly.

Why Acceptance and Allowing Are Such Powerful Master Frequencies

That’s exactly why accepting and allowing are master frequencies – because when by drop our resistance to what is going on we get access to our most precious resource – our ability to be here, right now in the flow of the present moment. This is where our true energy source is. 

When we are here right now, present, focused and accepting we are more aligned and in the flow. When we’re in this place we feel so much better and we get access to inspired ideas that can help us move forward in our lives.

If we keep worrying about things in our past we are spending energy trying to stop things that have already happened. It is like the river trying to hold back its waters from flowing into the ocean.  It is not possible. 


When I look back on my life and all of the time I’ve spent worrying about things that have been said or done I see what a waste of energy that has been for me.

If we can accept all things in our past – like our decisions, our lack of decisions, and the actions of others or other situations we can truly step into the freedom of the present moment.

It is the same way when we worry about things in the future. When we worry endlessly about what might happen about what could happen in the future we are doing exactly the same thing. We are robbing ourselves of this present moment.

 I remember coaching a client about this. He was worried about making a decision to take a trip overseas that was a month or two away. There were a lot of factors involved and many of them were likely to change. I said to him – we are here on 1 July we cannot know what 24 July will bring. Let 24 July come and then make a decision.  It was a light bulb moment for him. He was so relieved.

It is the same for us right now  – just as I am here on 26 August … which by the way is the International Day for Dogs – I cannot know what is going to happen on 26 September. There are so many factors at play in my world that I cannot know exactly what will happen in a month’s time. Using my precious energy on worry is not going to change things in a month’s time. Whereas if I accept what is and have faith that things will work out for me I will have so much more available to me in the present moment.

Acceptance Helps You Move from Victim to Creator

This frequency  is a major tool to help us step out of victimhood back into the position of creator.

Why? Because when we allow and accept things are happening for us we are back in the driver’s seat. We’re coming back to a place where we can make choices for ourselves.

You might be asking does this mean I’m giving up control?

Absolutely not. I see it as the opposite. Let’s face it, how much control do we really have? Trying to control the outside conditions is alot like holding that river back from the ocean – COVID-19 is a great teacher for us in this. It’s hard to manage because we cannot see it and its contagious nature means that it can run rampant in a community. 

But what we can control is our perspective on it and the way we approach it.

So here I’m talking about allowing and accepting exactly what is going on in our lives, rather than resisting it.  When we’re accepting we’re getting back to a place of flow where there is more peace and many, many more inspired ideas.

We can reduce the impact of it by choosing our perspective on it. I have friends and family in a severe curfew lock down in Melbourne at the moment. The ones who are doing better are those who are in a state of allowing and acceptance of what is going on rather than fighting it. 

One family member has used the time to pursue a new passion. Another family member told me about a person he met who has started a new online business doing up old furniture that he is completely passionate about. These people are making the most of their situation and back in the flow by pursuing ideas that were an inspiration to them.


Why Acceptance and Allowing?

You may also be asking why is it accepting and allowing? To help make it easier I’ve found there are two steps to this process of acceptance.

Why? Because it can sometimes be hard to accept things right off the bat as they are. So the first step toward acceptance is leaning in and allowing things to be as they are.

This has worked for me very much in my life when I’ve had difficult, very difficult situations to deal with. In particular, I think about receiving the diagnosis that my mother had dementia. It was something that took many years to accept but on the way toward acceptance, I found I was able to work with this idea of allowing what was going on.

So while I didn’t like it at least I could be in a place of allowing because I still wanted to spend time with her and I needed to support my father as best I could. By leaning in and being allowing I was in a better position to help. I had the energy available to do what I felt I needed to do to assist my parents and to navigate myself through the situation.

I also found any time I let myself go deeply into fear, anger or sadness about Mum’s situation I had literally no energy to do the things I needed to do for her and for myself.

Clearly it is ideal to go straight to acceptance and the flow, aligned state – but if that is a little hard then allowing is a great stepping stone to get there.


Stepping into Alignment and Flow Through Acceptance

Ideally we want to drop the resistance so we can raise our vibe and get into alignment and flow as much as we can. 

Of course as I go to record this episode I had a few experiences and reminders of the importance of doing just that.

On the weekend I was called to allow and accept a situation that was NOT my preference.

We’re all experiencing COVID-19 in different ways, wherever we are, around the world. And I would have to say here in Queensland in Australia we have not been touched as badly as many other places, but we’re still affected and more cases are emerging. 

On Saturday my family and I had agreed to meet on the Sunshine Coast to take my father out for lunch, because it would have been his 51st wedding anniversary to my Mum. We’re always keen on these special occasions to spend time with Dad because he still very much misses my mother. 

So, we thought the best thing that we could do would be to take him out for a special lunch on his anniversary.  It took me a little more effort than normal as I had some unexpected issues with the electronics on my car (another lesson in allowing and acceptance) but I resolved those issues so I could get the Sunshine Coast in time for lunch. 

Then just 10 minutes away from the lunch venue my sister rang to tell me our Dad’s aged care facility had literally just gone into lockdown due to COVID-19 so he could not join us for lunch. Had we been there 30 minutes earlier we could have taken him out.

For a few moments I was really upset as my Dad was missing out – this was meant to be a special day for him.  I was definitely not in acceptance and allowing. After a few minutes I accepted the decision of the aged care facility. They’re in a position of looking after more than 100 residents. They have to do what they have to do to protect the people who are in their care.

So we made a decision to accept and enjoy lunch with the family who had gathered together.

We Need to Move to Full Acceptance

This experience also taught me the value of fully accepting a situation. Later that day I noticed I was suddenly feeling quite down and sad about my mother’s passing. It was almost like a rolling snowball down the hilI. 


I realised that I hadn’t quite shaken off the early resistance off – because some “residue” had stuck I’d gone into a negative downward spiral of missing my mother. Finally at about 10.00pm that night I realised I was back in resistance about Mum’s passing. 

What was truly amazing was that as soon as I recognized the resistance that I’d been carrying and had stepped back into acceptance my feelings of sadness dropped away. 

What does this story show us? It means we need to move to FULL acceptance of ourselves, situations and others because if we dont’ we can still be stuck in a cycle of negative emotion. It can be very subtle but it can be there all the same.

We Need to Become More Aware of the Resistance We Hold In All Areas of Our Life

We can hold resistance in many parts of our lives – often toward ourselves with feelings of not being enough or good enough.

It’s vital to become more aware of where we are doing this and to turn that resistance into allowing and acceptance with compassion and kindness for ourselves.

One area of my life where I’m working on this is in my yoga practice – and my tight hamstrings. This year I’m doing my yoga teacher training and am falling even more in love with the beautiful approach to life.

Yoga is amazing, it’s a great metaphor for life and it can bring up lots of things. If you’ve ever done a yoga class, you would know that there are some postures, or asanas, that are very easy to do and some that are not. That’s because all of our bodies are different, and we all have different experiences of how we’ve used our bodies over our lives.  

As I’ve been doing yoga for the last 17 years I’ve been in a place of non-acceptance of my hamstrings. At times I’ve been in real fear and in comparison-itis. I’ve told myself a lot of stories that do not serve me.

So in the last two years I’ve been very much in the process of accepting where my body is at. All the while looking to do more postures and exercises that can actually strengthen and help me to get a little bit more flexibility.

It’s been a great focus for me this year as I’ve been doing my teacher training.


Synchronistically of course in my teacher training class last Sunday our teacher reinforced this whole idea of acceptance – with a teaching on Playing the Edge. She used the term “dropping the dropping the drama” – So that we can feel into the sensations in our body and to acknowledge them, be less scared of them and to accept them. 

What great timing. She was asking us to drop what I call the stories or resistance.

It made me really go into my situation with my hamstrings.  I noticed how much fear I can feel in certain poses because of the pain that I actually get from my hamstrings.

The paradox here is that when we allow and accept what’s going on, then it actually reduces in its intensity the feeling, and we can actually move through back into the flow, which is where all of us want to be.

So here I was back again at this beautiful, beautiful place of accepting what was going on, rather than resisting. I noticed as soon as I dropped my stories and fear I found a new clarity and peace. I also saw that my fear was an illusion that would pass.

Is This Giving Up?

Sometimes people I’ve coached have had difficulty with allowing and accepting as it feels to them like they’re giving up. It’s completely the opposite – it is about taking an action that puts you back into the drivers’ seat. 

As my experience with yoga shows the sooner we accept a situation the sooner we can move forward get ourselves back into a flow of alignment and then when we’re in alignment we can have more inspired ideas to do things that are going to be able to support us. 

Acceptance and Allowing – Over To You

So I’d like to encourage you this week to think about one area of your life where you’re experiencing some resistance. It could be in relation to yourself, your health or weight, a work situation or a relationship.  See how you can use this master frequency of allowing and accepting to change things up.

Whatever is on your mind right now play with this idea of allowing and accepting to see what energy you get back in your day.  Once you’ve come to peace with it see what ideas come to you,  what energy is freed up in your body. 

I use this concept of allowing and accepting every day. Every morning as I start my day I set the intention to allow and accept what is going on in my life, so I can drop the stories and keep in the flow of inspiration and  alignment. It is amazing what we can produce and what we can create when we keep our vibe high by bringing all of these master frequencies together.  When we have any resistance of self-criticism, self-doubt, anger, guilt or shame we cannot get into the flow. 

We can become more aware through practices like meditation and mindfulness. If you would like to really drop your fear download my 9 minutes to calm meditation and guide. This will help you come into a very allowing and accepting space.

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Thank you very much for sharing your time with me this week. This is the third of our master frequencies. Hope that you’re enjoying the series, these are very powerful frequencies when you starting to use this in your life. 

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There is More to the Story – Stay Tuned

Thank you so much again for joining me today.

A daily gratitude practice is a vital step to finding more freedom in your life. 

What I’ve found that to truly feel more worthy, happy, confident, and free we need to have gratitude working in tandem with the other master frequencies, like calm neutrality that I talked about in Episode 18

So keep tuning into future episodes of Your Freedom Unlimited where I’ll share more on these. Until then take great care.

If you like this podcast please share it with friends and subscribe and rate and review it. This makes a difference to getting the word out there so thank you so much for your time and spending this time with me today.  I look forward to talking with you soon.

If you like this podcast please share it with friends and subscribe and rate and review it. This makes a difference to getting the word out there. To subscribe rate and review this podcast visit:

Thank you so much for your time and spending this time with me today.  I look forward to talking with you soon.


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