Would you like more energy and less stress at this time of year? Would it feel good to glide into Christmas and enjoy it rather than feeling exhausted by the thought of it? 

Hi welcome to this week’s episode of Your Freedom Unlimited. This week is all about how to navigate holiday stress with a very simple, yet under-used technique that will work in 5 minutes or less.

What is it? Gratitude. Let me share with you how we can use gratitude to find more energy and more alignment as we navigate this very busy time of the year.

I’m not sure about you but I think 2020 has been a big year for everybody in so many different ways. With the pandemic – and all the changes that has brought – plus all of the other things that have happened globally this year – it has been huge.  

It’s also been tiring as we’ve dealt with a lot of change and uncertainty. And for many, that is still going on as the pandemic is still being felt in a lot of places and countries. Here in Australia, we have been very blessed but the knock-on effects are still evident.

It’s certainly brought up a lot of things for all of us to consider. It is also caused many of us to re-evaluate our lives and what we thought was important. 

Holiday Stress – How to Overcome Overwhelm and Fatigue in 5-Minutes Or Less

For me it’s also been a big year – things have been busier as I took on extra things like my yoga teacher training, started this podcast and expanded my business to do more coaching. At the same time family life has been busy as well – with my Dad moving into aged care and not being as well as he once was.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed the challenges and the achievements – and Dad is more settled now – yet now in these weeks leading up to the holidays and Christmas I’m feeling tired. I’ve not had the chance to get the rest I normally do and I’ve still got a bunch of deadlines to meet. 

When I don’t get rest I just don’t feel as good as I normally do. It’s a warning sign or me as I have to watch my mindset and energy levels when I’m tired. So aside from more rest – which I’m finding elusive at the moment – what else can we do?

Holiday Stress – How to Turn Around Low Energy Levels

So how do we turn around low energy levels and thought processes that might take us to places that don’t support us?

If we’re feeling tired, stressed or overwhelmed by what’s going on, what can we practically do?

For me, one of the biggest cures for feeling overwhelmed, stressed or tired is the tool of gratitude. 

Gratitude is something we’ve got at our fingertips at any moment of the day and it’s such a powerful tool to help us blow away the cobwebs and get rid of any low or negative energy – in literally a minute or two.


Because when we are truly in the energy and space of gratitude no other negative energy can be around. When we are feeling grateful we can’t be feeling anger, fear, overwhelm or even fatigue.  When we are in gratitude we are in the space of love not fear. And when we’re feeling love our world expands and grows. We immediately feel more love and more positive energy that not only fuels us but everyone around us and everything we do.

Negative energies cannot live in the same space as gratitude.

Gratitude is truly one of the best tonics we could give to ourselves at any time – but especially at this time of the year. 

How To Tap Into Gratitude

So how do we tap into gratitude? It is super easy – all you need to do is take a breath and step into feeling gratitude.  You can feel gratitude for the simple things like the air you are breathing, the water you’re drinking or the seat you are sitting on. It does not have to be anything more than that. 

This is the beauty of this practice – and the more you feel gratitude – the better you will feel and you’ll soon feel completely different.

To see how easy this is do this with me now … if you’re not driving …. Just sit or stand quietly for a moment, take a breath in all the way to your tummy … all the way down and then exhale that breath very slowly. Exhale more slowly than you took it in.

Then do it again. On this next breath in bring to mind something you are grateful for, bring something else in … and another thing ….

Check in now with your body – how does that feel? 

Holiday Stress – How to Overcome Overwhelm and Fatigue in 5-Minutes Or Less

Any time I do this I feel a whole lot better. It’s such a quick energy boost in such a short amount of time.

How To Step More Deeply Into the Flow of Gratitude and Away from Holiday Stress

The good news is that you can do this any time of the day or night. You don’t need anything with you – just the intention to feel gratitude. So easy and so simple.

If you really want to step into the flow of gratitude then build in hourly mini-gratitude breaks. I find my day goes even better when I build this in. I feel uplifted and so much more in flow.

Holiday Stress – How to Overcome Overwhelm and Fatigue in 5-Minutes Or Less

Over To You

So, that’s my simple tip for this week. If you’re feeling tired or overwhelmed, just take a minute to think about what you can be grateful for. It really works and is the best antidote for holiday stress I know. And then if you take a few gratitude mini-breaks during the day you’ll be amazed at how things turn around and how you start feeling a lot better. It’s been a key tool and practice to help me get through this busy holiday season. 

If you’d like to know more about gratitude, you can go back and listen to my other episode on gratitude where I share the power of gratitude as a master frequency. Listen to it here.

Would You Like To Find Some More Time Out For You

If you really want to reduce holiday stress, create some time for you and help yourself feel really good at this holiday season why not start a mini-meditation practise for yourself. Research shows that just five to 10 minutes out for yourself every day will make a huge, huge difference to your life. It certainly has to mine.

Meditation is such a powerful tool that makes all the difference at every level. It does everything – from your health, reduced stress, improved productivity and problem solving through to helping us to get to know ourselves better.

If you’d like to give it a go take advantage of my free How to Meditate for Beginners Guide. You can get it for free at jenramsey.com/begin

Gratitude Mini-Breaks – the Best Tonic For Overwhelm and Fatigue

Please just enjoy and share it with friends or anyone you think you know who would benefit from that. So, with that have a wonderful week, enjoy the energy you get from your gratitude mini-breaks and I look forward to talking to you soon.

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