How To Find Your Voice and Share It

Are you struggling to find your voice? Or maybe you’re struggling with sharing it? Or perhaps you have found your voice but are playing small?Hi everyone andelcome to this week’s episode of YFL with me Jen Ramsey.

This week’s episode of Your Freedom Unlimited is the second in our series on Finding Your Voice. Last week in Episode 46 I shared five reasons why it’s so important to find your voice. This week we’re focusing on how to find your voice.

In the future we’ll be talking about how to dealing with common roadblocks to sharing your voice like imposter syndrome.

How To Find Your Voice and Share It

What Does it Mean to Find Your Voice?

Before we get into this week’s episode let me recap what I mean by finding your voice.

To me finding your voice is about tapping into your innate power and living, working and speaking from that timeless, authentic place inside you.  It is about feeling ultra-comfortable with sharing your voice and message at any time, with anyone on any platform.

So How Do You Find Your Voice?

This is quite a journey. Some of the steps I share below you may already know the answer to and some you may not. What I’ve found is that when you pull these 6 elements together then you are really able to find and share your voice. 

So what are our steps?

Step #1: Understand Who You Are And What You Stand For

The first step is, is to really be clear on who you are and what you stand for. This will be very much related to your purpose in the world and your work … what it is that you want to share with the world what it is that’s important to you.

This is deep introspective work. It’s something I’ve definitely been on a journey with over many years. Having done this personal work and study in the area I now understand a few shortcuts and how to delve into this to get answers a little more quickly for my clients.

How To Find Your Voice and Share It

Step #2 – Know Your Purpose

This step is related to Step #1. To find your voice it’s vital to be clear on your purpose. While you can be multi-passionate and have many different skill sets and gifts each of us have been put on this planet for a particular purpose. Understanding your purpose comes from looking at all of your skills and gifts and understanding how they can best be applied to solving a problem you are very passionate about. 

For example I’m passionate about people finding their voice and power because I felt I had lost those things within me. I can also speak and coach and write and facilitate groups so my purpose is to help people find their voice and power.

Having clarity on your purpose gives you the internal energy to do what needs to be done to share your voice.  Knowing your purpose gets the party started!!! 

It is like a supercharger for battery or like the firelighter on the fuel we might use on a barbecue. 

Step #3: Understand Your Voice Matters

In a world full of information and social media overload it can sometimes feel like your voice is not important or wouldn’t matter in the great scheme of things particularly if you play that game I guarantee you will never win … comparisonitis. 

Comparisonitis is where you look at other people’s achievements, other people’s awards and the amazing things they have done.

The key here is to realise that you matter and to understand that your voice on a particular subject does matter!  You are the only one with your particular experience, your particular perspective, your particular skillset and your particular approach. No one else can take that away from you and there are people out there who need to hear from you.

How To Find Your Voice and Share It

Step #4 Know Your Message 

The next step in the journey is to have clarity on your message. This message needs to to explain to people who you are what you do how you help them and Y all that matters.

The fact is there are many, many people on the planet doing a similar thing to you but the mindset shift for you is to understand that you matter and to be very clear on what makes you stand out, what makes you different and why should people listen to you.

A big mistake I notice often in my coaching conversations with people is their desire to be all things to all people. Your message will be more powerful when you’re focused on one particular group of people.  In marketing terms this is called focusing on your niche. Why? When you are focused on one group you can speak in a language and tell stories that mean something to them. You can share your personal experiences and help them specifically with the breakthroughs they are looking for. If you’re too broad-brush your message will not get through.

How To Find Your Voice and Share It

Step #5: Share Your Voice

Once you’re clear on your voice you must share it with the world. You must deal yourself into the game – you must have the conversations, do the networking, take the meetings and do the social media.

Rather than thinking about your message, dreaming about it or writing about it privately, it is vital to start speaking. This is a conscious decision you must – to share your voice in places where your audience can hear you.

You must put yourself out there. This was something that I know I really struggled with very strongly until I started doing the podcast – this was a space for me to share my ideas and thoughts and message as well as meet fascinating people along the way.

Step #6: Step Into Your Power

This final step is the most important step of all. To find your voice it is vital to step into your power and let go of all of the limiting beliefs, the negative stories and the self-criticism that will stop you from finding and sharing your voice. 

Stepping into your power is about finding that place of rock-solid self-worth inside you. That absolute knowing that you are worthy, that you matter and that you are perfect just as you are.  It is about bringing all parts of you to the table – all of your strengths and also all of your vulnerabilities and your insecurities – and being ok with with all of these parts.

It is about being and feeling aligned and whole within yourself. 

How To Find Your Voice and Share It

When you are in that place of innate power it is easy to step into the place of doing something you are absolutely passionate about every day and to find your voice and speak about it with conviction.

Listen carefully to people you hear speaking about their business or work and their offering.  When you hear someone who is in their power speaking very strongly and very passionately about their subject matter you’ll hear the difference. They will feel and sound solid and grounded to you. This is compared to someone else who may speak on the same topic but sound unsure or uncertain or perhaps a bit wishy-washy. 

What’s happening there?

Most often the person who sounds uncertain or unsure of themselves is not fully believing in what they are offering. This lack of belief and what they’re offering comes from either a lack of belief in themselves to deliver or a lack of belief in the product or service they are delivering. 

The lack of belief in yourself is the most dangerous.

When this happens we have what I call a lack of “energetic congruence”. It comes from limiting beliefs, constant negative self-talk or feelings of a lack of worthiness or feeling deserving.

It comes from all of the things lurking in our sub-conscious.

I’ve seen this countless times in those I have coached and I have experienced it myself. A lack of conviction and belief in yourself and your personal power will undermine the success of your business or your career. 

So if you:

  • Are frustrated that you are not making the impact or difference  you want to make in your business or career
  • Feel you are simply not where you want to be in your business or career
  • Feel you are here when you should really should be over there
  • really serious about getting your message out to the world …

… it is absolutely vital that you look at this piece. That you sit and honestly consider where you’re at with your level of personal power, your belief in yourself, your belief in your capability and your ability to really deliver transformation to another person or a community.

You will have truly found your voice when you have stepped into this power that I’m talking about.

When you feel strong and resolute within yourself – you have tapped into your innate power – and when you have done that it is so easy to share your voice.

This is why I’m doing what I’m doing right now – in terms of working in this mindset and empowerment space because I’ve been on this journey. I’ve been in a place of no voice and personal power to now come to a place with a clear voice and strong assured personal power. 

If you’ve heard me speak before on this podcast before you know my story. You know that I’ve dealt with anxiety. You will know that I’ve really held apart those things in my life that I truly love and that inform my work in this space. Things like energetic frequency, meditation, mindfulness and spirituality and my intuitive abilities as well as the neuroscience and quantum science. 

Today I bring all of these things to the table and am a far better empowerment coach and business strategist as a result. People get better results with me because I do bring all of these things to the table and look deeply at why a business or a person is not cutting through and making the impact or difference they would like to make.

Over To You

As ever in this podcast the time has come for me to hand these insights over to you. This week I’d love you to really consider the 6 steps  I’ve shared with you and to really look at the areas that you need to consider so you can easily share your voice with the world.

If you are struggling with any of this and you would really like some help on all this I would encourage you to email me at  or DM me on Instagram @jenramseyfreedom. I’d love to help you really find your voice your purpose and your power so that you can make the difference that you want to make with in the world.

Until we speak again all the very best to you!

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