Intuition Vs Inspiration: What's The Difference & How to Tap In

Intuition Vs Inspiration – Is there a difference? Do you tap into your intuition? Are you following your inspiration? Are you listening to the little sound from your soul and taking action on it? If not … what could happen if you did?

In this week’s episode of Your Freedom Unlimited I want to talk to you about intuition and inspiration – two incredible and powerful tools freely available to us that I don’t think we take advantage of enough.

So what are we going to cover? Today I want to focus on intuition and inspiration. What are they and is there a difference between them? I’ll also share what is happening when we are experiencing intuition and inspiration, the importance of connecting into each of these powerful tools and why I think they are so valuable in our lives. I’ll also give you some tips on how you can tap into them more effectively. Sound like fun? Let’s go!!

What is Intuition?

The Oxford Dictionary says intuition is: “an idea or a strong feeling that something is true although you cannot explain why.”

For me intuition is the voice of my soul. It is about being connected enough to my Higher Self to hear the subtle messages and guidance from my Soul. It drops in, as if from nowhere and will give me guidance when I need it.

I often use my intuition to guide me in my decision-making. I use it to check in on whether or not a decision is right or wrong for me. It’s like an internal guidance system designed to led me on my soul’s path.

I also use my intuition to “read” situations. This may be when I’m coaching a client or in a meeting. I listen and “read” energetically what is going on beyond the words and actions people are saying and taking. I find that insights and messages will literally “drop in” to help progress the conversation or situation.

The times I have not followed my intuition … boy do I know it!! And then there are times that I do and the results are truly magical!

Intuition Vs Inspiration: What's The Difference & How to Tap In

Recently I was walking through Brisbane, the city where I live, for dinner. It was a cool windy night and it took us about 10 minutes to walk from the car along the river to our dinner destination. When I got there I realised that I’d dropped a beautiful soft, pink cashmere shawl that is like a cloud to wear. It truly is divine. I was so upset I’d dropped it I retraced my steps back to the car. No luck!!

So I decided in that moment I’m going to practice what I talk about – I consciously decided to move into accepting and allowing. So on the walk all the way back to the restaurant I accepted the shawl was gone and blessed it and the person who may have picked it up. Even though I loved it I knew I had to surrender and let it go.

So we had dinner and then made our way back to the car. As we were about to cross the street I got clear intuitive guidance: “go past the fig trees.” I didn’t hear this message just once – I heard it very clearly three times.

The fig trees my intuition guided me to are a very large, old stand of Moreton Bay fig trees surrounded on all sides by roads. They are incredibly majestic and beautiful. So I listened to my intuition and went to the trees. I couldn’t believe my eyes! There in the gutter just beside these old trees was my shawl. It had literally blown out of my hands and flown up the street yet somehow had been caught in the gutter!

What a lesson at so many levels … acceptance, surrender, letting go and also for this story – the power of listening to your intuition!!

What is Inspiration?

So if that is intuition what is inspiration? For me inspiration is the quite specific, personal and direct ideas or messages we get about actions we need to take. Inspiration can be a quite specific message that we get to take an action. Often it will keep repeating and repeatiing in our consciousness and is hard to ignore.

The Oxford Dictionary says inspiration is: “the process that takes place when someone sees or hears something that causes them to have exciting new ideas or makes them want to create something, especially in art, music, or literature”.

For me inspiration is listening to that still quiet voice that says: “Why don’t you call that person? Why don’t you research that area of art or investigate that particular class?” Some people might call this intuition but I call it inspiration. Why? Because these are specific messages to take a particular action forward in my life.

This is about being open and allowing ideas to come through. These ideas may come forward in my time of meditation, when I’m in nature, driving, in the shower or in conversation with other people.

Intuition Vs Inspiration: What's The Difference & How to Tap In

Is There a Difference Between Inspiration and Intuition?

is there a difference? Yes! For me the difference between inspiration and intuition is that I use my intuition to make, or check in on decisions and intuitively read situations and I find inspiration is literally just that – inspiration to take a specific action to move forward on my path.

What Is Happening When We’re Tapping into Inspiration and Intuition?

So what’s happening when we’re tapping into our Intuition and Inspiration?

What we’re doing is we’re actually tapping into our Higher Self, Our Inner Self or our Source Self. We’re receiving messages that are designed to lead us on our soul’s journey.

The value of this is that we are moving away from the subconscious autopilot programs that we run most of our lives.

Bruce Lipton, who wrote “The Biology of Belief,” says that 95% of our life is lived on autopilot. What that means is is that 95% of our waking time is spent doing the routine things we’ve always done. The means we’ll go the same route to work, eat the same food, we’ll have the same conversations and hang out with the same people – then we wonder why our life is the same routine. Or worse – we’ll wonder why our life isn’t the way we would like it to be.

95% of our life is lived on autopilot”

Bruce Lipton

So when we’re tapping into our intuition and inspiration we’re going beyond the auto-pilot.

We’re getting the insights necessary for us to expand and live the intentions we have truly set for our lives.We are coming to a place where we actually start to create a new course for change in our life.

So if there is something in your life you thought you would always like to do but you’ve not got around to it, start listening for the sign and start listening for the inspirations that might lead you in that direction. Take a note of your intuition and inspiration in your diary.

Intuition Vs Inspiration: What's The Difference & How to Tap In

What Does Inspiration Look Like in Practice?

So this brings me to a recent experience of following my inspiration. About six weeks ago a dear friend sent me an extremely beautiful piece of music on YouTube she thought I would love to listen to. It was Mel-Lan Mauritts who is like an angel who sings, meditates, recites poetry, and plays crystal bowls. It was beautiful but more than that it was inspiring. I found myself saying I would love to do that.

As a young girl I loved to sing and sang in secondary school but since then I have sung at parties the odd karaoke night. I’ve also loved sacred music and singing mantras at retreats. Somehow on that day it was the combination of the singing and the crystal bowls that I found inspiring.

Over the next couple of weeks I listened more and thought more and more about the music and crystal bowls. I kept thinking I’d like to research how to play them. Then I saw my friend who said out of the blue “I’ve had a vision of you playing crystal bowls”. That was it … I decided to do some research to see what courses might be available in my area.

Of course the very next weekend a four day course coveriing all sorts of sound healing therapy was available. After a little research and speaking to the teacher I signed up. At one level this seemed crazy as I was in the middle of a really intense season of work but at another level I knew I had to go. I literally had received a calling.

So this was how my internal dialogue went that week leading up to the course – part of me feeling I was crazy but the other part absolutely crystal clear that I needed to do the workshop. So I cleared my diary and created the time and space to make it happen. There was no other way forward except for that.

And I’m so pleased I did. The course was beyond beautiful. It was what I needed at so many levels. Since then I have been playing with different instruments and last night I gave my very first group sound bath. It was magical. Everyone loved it and the chance to hold a space in such a way was a real honour. So I thank and bless my inspiration for giving me the message to go for it.

So I just wanted to share that story with you to let you know that we do get these inspirations and it’s up to us in terms of what we do with them.

I really want to encourage you to consider listening to that small in a voice inside you listen to that inspiration and to really think about how you can start to listen to that voice inside your inside yourself and start to take action.

How To Tap Into Your Intuition and Inspiration?

So how do you do tap into your intuition and inspiration?

To tap into our intuition and inspiration we need to get aligned and be in a space of the master frequencies I’ve spoken many times about on this podcast – the master frequencies of love, gratitude, trust and accepting and allowing. If there is resistance, stress and fear the intuition tap is literally turned off.

Intuition Vs Inspiration: What's The Difference & How to Tap In

There can be no flow of inspiration and intuition when we are not connected to our Source energy.

To learn more about acceptance and allowing listen to episode 22 of this podcast HERE.

A beautiful way to start to tap into your Source energy is to start a daily practice of meditation and reflection. To help you with this I can offer you my How to Meditate for Beginners Guide which you can access here

Intuition Vs Inspiration: What's The Difference & How to Tap In

If you would like to dive into how to tap into your intuition and inspiration more deeply I also offer 1:1 coaching and group coaching. For more on this email at

Over To You

As ever in this podcast it’s over to you. I’d love you to tap into your intuition and inspiration some more.

I’d also love to hear what you think of this so please share with me in the comments your views. Thank you so much for listening. Until we speak again take great care and I’ll look forward to talking to you again soon.

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