Do you give yourself permission to shine your light or share your voice? Can you speak your truth when you need to? Do you own your personal power? 

Welcome to the second part of our series on how to own your personal power. In this episode, we are sharing seven steps to own your personal power. In last week’s episode, we talked about what it looks like to own your personal power and the benefits of doing this.

Why are we talking about owning our personal power? Because I think it is absolutely critical to our personal happiness and fulfilment in life. Why? To me, the purpose of life is about remembering who we truly are, expanding into this full potential, helping others, and having fun! 

The best way we can do this is to feel comfortable with ourselves and own our personal power. When we feel this way we have the confidence and the internal assuredness to be able to step forward and do the things we might want to do in our lives. As you know that’s what this podcast is all about – how to do those things that matter most to you. 

Seven Steps To Own Your Personal Power

So let’s get started! What are the seven steps to owning your personal power?

1. Make the decision

The first step is to make the clear decision to own your personal power.  No one else can do this for us. We might read a lot of books, listen to a lot of podcasts or watch inspirational videos about others who have – but ultimately the change only happens when we make the decision to do this. We are the only ones who can make the decision to step in and own our own power.

This is about giving yourself permission to shine, grow and expand at every level within yourself.

This is a decision that we make very much at an energetic level. It is about stepping into the energetic or emotional frequency of personal power.  

If you’ve listened to the podcast before you’ve heard me talk a lot about frequency and vibration. In a nutshell, quantum physics now tells us we are all energy vibrating at a particular frequency.  The question for us is – what frequency do we choose?

The renowned American psychiatrist Dr. David Hawkins used kinesiology to create a Chart of Consciousness that demonstrates emotional frequencies at a low frequency like shame, fear, depression, sadness, anger, or frustration all the way through to higher frequencies like courage, contentment, peace, happiness, love and even bliss.

What does this mean for us? It means if we are aware enough we get to choose our frequency in every moment. So to make the decision to step into our personal power is actually a very high-frequency decision.

The thing I’ve noticed is that it can be a very quiet decision. It’s not about declaring it on social media or making a big announcement about it to friends – it’s actually a quiet, very personal decision that you then cultivate over time. I’m hoping these next steps I’m going to share with you will help you do just this.

2. Connection With Ourselves … and Loving Ourselves

A fundamental step in owning our personal power is to connect with and truly love ourselves for who we are. I know it’s a big one – and it’s an ongoing life journey for many of us – but it really is the most powerful step in the process.


Because when we know what we want and we love and accept ourselves exactly for who we are we are – then we’re able to move forward in authenticity and vulnerability with less fear of criticism or judgment from others.

So how do we do this? We need to take the time out daily – even starting with five minutes – to create a space of self-compassion and acceptance. As someone who experienced high functioning anxiety and NEVER had time, this is something that can be done let me tell you!! And If I can do it you can too.  

I was ultra hard on myself, always judging myself, always giving myself a hard time for doing or saying the wrong thing. Then over time, I learnt how to create the space for myself and to truly give to myself.   In this space, I came to truly understand what was most important to me.

And I mean it when I say if I can do it you can too. I want you to really understand wherever you are in your journey you are absolutely able to do this. The key is to carve out some time daily for you so you can actually connect with yourself in a loving way and understand who you truly are …. which, by the way, is pretty amazing!

Owning Your Personal Power

Another key step in loving ourselves is letting go of the negative stories that we tell ourselves and our limiting beliefs about ourselves our lives and the situation around us. From here we need to create new more empowering beliefs and stories that do support us in our lives.

3. Clarity

 The next step in owning our personal power is to get ultra clear on what is most important to us, our purpose, and what we want to do in the world. When we know the answer to these questions we can move forward with grace and clarity. We’re more in flow and we make far better decisions about how we spend our time.

To get the answers to these questions we need to spend time with ourselves to contemplate these things. This is where meditation and journalling come in. They really give us such great insights into what is most important to us.

So many of us live such busy lives that it can be very easy just to rush over the top of these questions and not really take the time to think about what is most important to us.

I know things like children, family, business and work are all vitally important but if we don’t ever take some time out we can end up running out of energetic steam and inspiration and find ourselves doing things we’re not really enjoying doing because we think we should. Have you ever felt this at all?

4. Certainty About Your Purpose and Your Offer 

Certainty is the next step on from charity. In summary, my definition of certainty is that you feel really comfortable with who you are, your purpose, and what you are doing in the world.  This could be in a personal capacity but also in your business or work.

The level of certainty I’m talking about is that you feel at an energetic level that whatever you are doing, whatever problem you are solving, or whatever you are offering to the world is akin to the cure for cancer in your space. 

My point here is that people pick up energetically on your level of certainty and your ability to deliver to them. Here we are again talking about energy and vibration at a very deep level.

On the surface level, you can look like you have it all together. You can be well dressed, drive the right car or have the “right” spiritual tools, like crystals and sage, but unless you feel certain deep down, in your heart of hearts, that what you are offering is gold people will feel that. 

Owning Your Personal Power

How do I know this because I have experienced it myself? When I was starting out online I made an offer in my business that did not get traction because I didn’t have the level of certainty about it. I was constantly comparing myself to others in the market and questioning myself which led to a huge amount of undermining of my own certainty … and guess what … a lack of sales.

One potential client said to me that I didn’t seem certain. I could have dropped through the floor when she said it but boy was it a wake-up call. Even though it was tough to hear at the time I am forever grateful to her for her honesty and her truth at that moment.

5. Confidence to Shine Your Light and Stop Playing Small 

The next vital step in owning your power is having the confidence to shine your light and to stop playing small.

This is really about putting yourself out there in whatever way you need to. It could be sharing your truth with your family  – perhaps putting yourself out there as a healer or doing something very different from your normal family patterns of behaviour.

It could be about taking your first step to go out on your own in business, it could be talking about what you do at a networking event or communicating your value to your clients in a meeting,, or sharing on social media. 

In any one of these realms, our lack of personal power shows up if we’re not putting ourselves out there. It can be a real moment of truth about where we are truly at.

I’ve noticed this working with many business owners and executives over the years. They can be technically brilliant at what they do but there is some blockage, a limiting belief, or a bad career experience that can paralyse them and feel completely afraid to put themselves out there. This is why a lot of marketing strategies can fail – because the business owner cannot do the videos for social media, or the cold calling to create leads. 

As I said in last week’s episode if you really want to serve the people you’re called to serve and to do the work you do – it’s vital you have the confidence to put yourself out there.

Another moment of truth comes if we cannot confidently say no in a tricky personal or business situation I spoke about this in last week’s episode. It is really important that you are able to say no to those you need to say no to say yes to some things and to share your truth in situations where you need to. This is what living authentically is all about.

6. Consistency

The next step in owning your personal power is about being consistent. I’ve noticed that sometimes when we are adopting a new frequency we can have what I call ‘energetic dropouts’. So this means we may feel great for few days, or a week, and then we might have an experience where someone says something to us, or something tough happens, and we energetically drop out. It’s not unusual but it can be disconcerting – especially if we have a history of lack of consistency.

What to do when we energetically drop out?

As my darling Father always said to me as a child learning to ride: “Jen you have to get back up on the horse when it throws you off.” 

Remember our first step in this process – where I talked about the importance of making a decision to own your personal power and then live it? This is where the rubber hits the road on personal power we need to be consistent with our new energetic frequency.

So in this step, we need to think about what we need to do daily to help maintain our personal power? It needs to start with your own morning routine or whatever it is you do daily to connect with yourself through to how you are owning your personal power in your business, career or life.

Owning Your Personal Power

The other huge benefit of being consistent is that people begin to trust us. When we show up regularly people energetically pick up a pattern that starts to build trust.

7. Commune With Your Soul’s Power 

This podcast would not be complete without our seventh step. This is all about accessing your connection and communing with your soul’s power – Source itself. This step, to me, is the most powerful and the most beautiful of all of these steps.

This step is about remembering who we truly are – it’s about acknowledging we are a perfect part of greater consciousness and are supported by all that is. 

So if you’re feeling a little skeptical – let me tell you that science is now telling us a higher consciousness is in play. If you are more inclined to the spiritual then this step is for you. It gives you permission to step fully into the spiritual realm – whatever that looks like for you. It could be connecting with your Higher Self or some form of higher energy or great spiritual masters such as Jesus, the Buddha, or any other religious path that resonates with you. 

What is the value of this step? As part of Source, we recognise that we are the creators of our own reality – so we are truly leaders and creators of our lives and not victims to random circumstances. It also gives us access to an unlimited bank of love, energy, and compassion that we can call upon for support, and to create what we want in our lives. This truly is personal power on steroids.

 What I found is that when I really stepped into remembering who I truly was, and understood that I was fully supported by Source then I was able to do so much more and able to be so much more personally, and for all of those around me. I had a lot more energy for myself and a lot more energy for my family, my community, and my business. 

It’s like having this beautiful limitless source of energy, love, and source of compassion that helps me know that I’m safe and then helps me to lead my life and step in and do what’s most important to me. It also gives me a vastly different perspective on life and what’s happening in the world. I’m no longer living from a place of anxiety and fear but a place of peace and love.

Also when things seem a little off the rails globally it makes sense to try something different. With rates of anxiety and depression at an all-time high the old way of living in fear, as separate disconnected individuals don’t seem to be working out that well for our community and the planet.

 Over To You

 As ever on Your Freedom Unlimited, I’d love to hand this over to you to consider and to think about how you could implement so these ideas in your own life. I’m always available to chat about these things please feel free to DM me on Instagram or email me at

 Also, if you missed it go back and listen to Episode 63 where I talk more about the benefits of owning your personal power. 

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