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Welcome to Your Freedom Unlimited. I’m excited to share with you today’s episode – where we’re talking about remembering who we truly are. When we do this it truly opens the doorway to freedom so we can start to do what matters most to us.

This episode is an extension of Episode 2 where I spoke about what freedom means and how we CAN feel more free today rather than waiting for some far off time to “feel more free”.

The freedom I’m talking about is subtle, yet just as important and far-reaching as the elementary freedoms of speech and democracy.  This freedom reaches into every moment of how we live our lives.  I’m talking about how we feel inside ourselves every day. The feelings of not good enough and not enough.

Do you get up in the morning and worry that you’re already up too late with a big to-do list?  And by the time lunchtime comes are you feeling stressed because you’re nowhere near half way through your list? Or do you get up feeling excited for the day? Feeling you have all of the time in the world, inspired by what’s ahead?

Do you constantly feel like you don’t have enough – time or money or love?

Remembering Who We Truly Are

In Episode 2 I spoke about two conscious shifts in frequency to really address these feelings of not good enough and not enough.

I talked about taking the blinders off, like the carriage horses of old, and consciously shifting our perspective to find true freedom within ourselves.

When I talk about a conscious shift I mean a conscious shift to our whole frequency, or what I call our whole Frequency Code, on a particular topic or situation. I’ll talk more about Frequency Codes in future episodes, for today let’s just focus on these two vital frequency shifts.

So what were those two vital shifts in frequency?

Conscious Frequency Shift #1: From Not Enough or I Don’t Have Enough to I Have A Lot. This was about seeing the abundance we have right now.

Conscious Frequency Shift #2 – From Not Good Enough To Understand Who We Truly Are

Remembering Who We Truly Are

Today I want to talk more about remembering who we truly are – as it’s a big one. 

This shift tears down the limiting belief that we are not good enough by realising that we are all are part of a larger consciousness –  small pieces of the larger whole. 

What does being part of a larger consciousness mean? It means that:

  • we are perfect and worthy as we are
  • we have access to immense inner power if we allow ourselves to see it
  • we are the creator of lives and our reality.

From this perspective, we are suddenly back in the driver’s seat of our life. When I realised that I relaxed. I let go. I let myself out of the jail cell I’d put myself in and I opened up to the true possibilities of my life.

Today I wanted to share how I finally realised this for myself.

It took me a while but when the shift came it changed everything.

For years I’d heard these concepts of being loved and supported and part of a larger consicousness but not really believed them. I wanted to but somehow didn’t or couldn’t. I’d heard so many people say this – people like Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle. I seemed to accept it intellectually but had no real, tangible experience of it within myself.

As someone who had struggled for years with anxiety,  I can see now how I was naturally suspicious of anything that might look like an “easy” solution to a problem. 

Also knowing what I know now about the brain from a neuroscience perspective – that we are all naturally wired for a negativity bias – then it was no wonder that I’d been a little sceptical. How could something like this work for me?

Then one night a couple of years ago I was washing the dishes after dinner. It was late. I was listening this time to yet another person – a channel – speaking about the truth of who we are. In that moment I thought why not? Why not try this on for size? Why not just entertain the idea? If everyone is saying it, and many people who are respected worldwide are saying it, why not try it on for size?

It was almost like I was sick of hearing everyone saying it so I thought I should give it a go. I felt like I’d been worn down by the repetition and it was time to surrender. You know that feeling as a kid when your mother told you to clean your room for the 100th time and you felt it would be easier to clean it than have another argument?

So I did.  I fully let go and surrendered.

I said ok I’m going to try this one on for real this time. Instead of going through the motions of spirituality … doing things like yoga and lighting incense … I decided I was REALLY going to try this on.

So over the next few months I started to really allow it in as a concept into my mind, and my energy field, daily. At the same time I was studying how quantum physics can impact our vibration, and also really starting to get into the truth of yoga and meditation. Then I came across the Teachings of Joshua who were again saying we are worthy as we are and definitely part of the higher consciousness. 

All roads were leading to Rome.

So I went with it. 

As part of this I started to question if I was part of Source how could I know this for myself in my body? Having lived for most of my life in my head, a hostage to the anxiety in my body, how could I really open to that idea and live it from a real and authentic place within myself? How I could I feel it inside my body?

This question was on my mind daily for quite awhile. BUT instead of being impatient I trusted the answer would come when I was ready.

Remembering Who We Truly Are

Then one night in a yoga class it happened. It was at the end of the class in the meditation that always happens at the end of a class to seal the practice.

As I was lying quietly breathing I felt the energy of my breath inside my body and specifically inside my diaphragm. It felt like magical pinpoints of light were dancing inside my body as the breath made its way from my nostrils, through my chest and diaphragm and into my tummy. I felt the energy of my breath as an alive entity inside me. I felt it specifically inside my tummy and diaphragm. It was then I realised I was connected to Source.  I realised my breath was my proof of my Source connection.  They call it the breath of life for a reason. This breath is not only my gift of life while I’m in physical body but it is also my proof of who I am really.

I still connect in with this feeling when I am breathing in meditation. It is not always so intense but it does arise when I consciously remember and connect back in.

Looking back now I realise that remembering who I truly am came in three parts:

  1. The conscious surrender to the idea
  1. The conscious decision to accept the idea and see my worth as part if this – to look at myself as enough and worthy and loved Vs not enough, unworthy and fearful
  1. The physical confirmation of the truth I had decided to accept. This was the icing on the cake and could only come once I had intellectually accepted the overall idea.

This is  my story. And we are all different. 

People talk of Kundalini awakenings and dramatic physical shake ups to remember who they are. It is a very clear signpost to them.

For me I didn’t have some major event – as I said it was an unfolding event over a number of years. 

For each person it will be different. 

What I see now is the  benefit of this shift in my life. I’m no longer a victim to situations, people or things. I see I am the creator of all of my experiences and that as I’m connected to Source I’m truly unlimited. So when I consciously shift and hold my vibration into a place of positive possibilities everything can change. I live my life happily every day on my terms! I also give myself time out to do things I love – like travelling to Bali. Here is a picture of me in Bali last year with one of the coolest dogs I’ve ever met!!!

Remembering Who We Truly Are

Why Not Try This On For Size?

So today why not try this idea on for size. If you’d like to go a little deeper I have a Source Connection and Intention Setting meditation that you can use to open the window these ideas of being connected to Source.  The meditation also includes a segment at the end where you can set an intention. This is not your standard law of attraction intention setting process. 

This method of intention setting is not about the universe bringing you anything or making anything happen for you. It is about you seeing yourself as creator and the power source of your life. This is about understanding you are Source and you are your Source. It is about you bringing what you desire most to you. It is an inside job. 

To get this free guided meditation visit There you’ll get a free download of my Source Intention Meditation.

There is More to the Story – Stay Tuned

This brings us to the close of today’s episode where we’ve focused on remembering who we truly are. This is just the first step. There is much more to share here. 

Keep tuning in to Your Freedom Unlimited as I share more about the other conscious shifts in frequency we can make to live a happier, more free life where we get what matters most done. Until we speak again remember who you truly are and take great care.


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