Love – How To Create More Love In Your Life In Seven Steps

Love is the feeling we are all seeking – so many songs, books, films, and poems are devoted to this all-powerful feeling but if this is the case why is it so hard for some of us to feel love at times? Why do so many of us struggle with self-love? If, as a society, we are so fascinated by it, why do some of us feel lonely or unhappy – even if we are in a relationship – and what can we do about it?

Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s episode of Your Freedom Unlimited. This week, we are talking about the master frequency of all master frequencies – love.

What is a Master Frequency?

A Master Frequency is a term I’ve created to describe a specific, high vibration feeling or emotion that we can intentionally tap into at any time to raise our vibration, energy and mood. 

Why is that so important? 

Because the higher our vibration the greater energy and love we get to access in our life – to enjoy for ourselves and to share with others.

These Master Frequencies are the pre-cursers to all other good feelings. When we tap into the Master Frequencies we go to the whole next level in our lives. When we intentionally learn to work with these frequencies everything changes.

Love – How To Create More Love In Your Life In Seven Steps

In the last few episodes, I’ve shared about the Master Frequencies we need to hold as consistently as possible in our lives. In Episode 19 we looked at Gratitude, Acceptance, and Allowing in Episode 21, Trust in Episode 23, and Self-worth in Episode 25.

This is the 21st-century upgrade to our thinking and mindset that I often speak about – and this is what Your Freedom Unlimited is all about. Here I’m sharing how we can best tap into these Master Frequencies so we can consistently keep our frequency and vibration high so that we feel happy, confident, empowered and free to do the things most important to us.

Love – The Biggest Master Frequency of Them All

So today’s Master Frequency focuses on the essential nature of  love.

Yes it is a big topic but one I felt compelled to talk about – especially when you look at the statistics worldwide about anxiety, depression and loneliness.  This is such a problem now that the UK has a Minister for Loneliness, a Loneliness Reduction Strategy and as of  May 2020, the UK government has distributed over £20 million to various initiatives to reduce loneliness. 

So if this is such a big issue for a country like the UK how can I say to you now that you can create more love in your life in 7 steps?

Because I know when you follow these 7 steps you can. It is completely possible for you right here, right now.

Yes it is a big call but one I this works. 

When we start to live from a place of love rather than fear then we can turn our whole life around.

What Is Love?

So what is love … it is a multi-faceted feeling that each of us will experience in different ways. It is that feeling of wonder, joy, and happiness that you experience perhaps on your own or with others. 

The Ancient Greeks identified 8 different types of love:

  • Eros – intense romantic, passionate love
  • Philia –  affectionate love or friendship. 
  • Storge – the affection of a family 
  • Mania – obsessive love – stalking, codependency, jealousy
  • Ludus – playful love – young love 
  • Pragma – enduring love built on commitment, understanding, patience, and tolerance
  • Philautia – self-love Aristotle
  • Agape – selfless, universal, unconditional love bigger than us

Love is a very wide-ranging, all-encompassing emotion. It’s quite an amazing feeling that when we feel love for another or for ourselves. We move into a completely different space inside of our bodies – which delivers a lot of good feeling hormones that we all want more of.

So How Can We Experience More Love and Self Love?

So how do we experience more love and self love? Let me share 7 steps to help you experience more love right now.

1.   Remembering Love Is Our Birthright – Because We Are Source

As I’ve said previously on this podcast we are part of Source. As part of Source we are worthy of love – but more importantly because we are part of Source we ARE love.

Love is an emotion yes but it is the foundation of the Universe. It is the heart of creation and at the fibre of our being. 

When we feel that beautiful spark of love for ourselves, something, someone or an experience we want more of it. Why? Why do we crave it? We want to get back to that space of love – to the Source of love.

The truth is the Source of love is right here inside of us. 

Love – How To Create More Love In Your Life In Seven Steps

We just need to let go of the illusion that we are separate, isolated beings struggling to survive in a scary society. The opposite is true – we are loving beings, part of a greater whole. Love is our birthright. We are a part of love. We’ve simply forgotten this is who we truly are. And our societal conditioning has set us up to live from a place of fear. Just look at the evening news to see evidence of this. 

Choosing to remember that love is our birthright, and available to us right here, right now, is the first step to experiencing more love. 

When we are in the frequency of love we cannot experience fear and vice versa. So it really is a choice as to which we focus on.  If we know fear stops the flow of love we can make a conscious choice to choose love.

Just for a moment – and if its safe and you are not driving – take big breath in, close your eyes if you feel comfortable and bring to mind something or someone you love unconditionally. Breathe that feeling into your heart, have gratitude for it and imaging that feeling flooding throughout your body. This is the feeling of love. You can tap into it at any time. Notice also that you cannot be focused on any other emotion when you focus on this feeling of love in your body.

It is here right now for you!

Love – How To Create More Love In Your Life In Seven Steps

2. Accepting We Are Love Itself – Means We Don’t Need to Drag Love Out of Others

So what is the second step to experiencing more love? It is fully accepting that we are love itself. That, as part of Source, we are a whole and complete expression of  love just as we are.  We do not need to drag love out of others to feel love.

I feel this is the reason a lot of us struggle with love.  We struggle with finding love because we’re constantly looking outside ourselves for love. When I look at my history, I was always outside myself for validation that I was good enough, smart enough, pretty enough to be loved. 

What is very dangerous about this thought process is that it makes us reliant on others outside of ourselves to give us something we can access for ourselves at any time. Imagine if we had to wear heavy oxygen tanks on our bodies all the time to live on earth – instead of freely breathing the fresh air we can breathe? It is exactly the same thing for us with love –  all the love we need is here right now freely available to us. We just need to see it and accept it.

That’s been the big turnaround for me in the last couple of years to realize that, instead of trying to pull love out of a partner, family member, friend, or even my dog – I had access to all I needed inside me. I just decided to work with the belief that I am love. 

As I’ve said before, this is a belief set that you get to try on. If your life has been difficult up until now, or if you’ve had some rough patches, why not try this new set of belief –  even for a week?

When we know and accept this deeply in the fibre of our being this is when we start to operate from a completely different paradigm. 

When I really started living this I stepped away from “needing” my partner to love me to feel complete. I felt complete within myself and therefore took the pressure off him.  

In fact from that perspective I felt so good within myself that I found I had more love to give rather than less.

It caused a major, positive shift in our relationship because my energetic expectation and neediness vanished. Like a puff of smoke those negative energies were replaced with feelings of authentic and genuine love and far deeper connection.

This change in mindset to a more empowered way of being worked not only in my intimate relationship but also in my family relationships, my friendships and in my work. Everything shifted to a better place because I had shifted.

3. Drop Your Transactional Approach to Love

If we have all the love we need inside we can do something else really, really vital – we can drop the transactional approach to love.

Traditionally in our society, when we set up a relationship, be it a romantic relationship or friendship, we set it up as a transaction where we look for reciprocation from that other person.

It typically goes something like this: “I’ll love you so I’ll do X, and in return you’ll do Y for me.”

Who has done this? I know I sure have!!!

But all it does is set us up for failure. It sets up a dangerous credit and debit scenario where you may feel you’ve done something for your partner – like cook them a nice dinner – but if they do not value it, or acknowledge it to the level that you expect, you might feel annoyed thinking you’ve “wasted your time.” 

Do this a few times and your level of pent up expectation, frustration and hidden anger means you might snap at your partner for doing something like leaving the cap off the toothpaste or the toilet seat up. 

The higher level truth is here that we are love so we don’t need others to “do” things for us to feel love. 

The other higher level truth is that we live in a supportive reality, not a transactional reality. So, there’s no need to “get” something from someone else in return for an action we have taken. Why – because as part of Source we are already and always being taken care of.  This is the true meaning of the Law of Reciprocity. 

And I need to tell you that since I stopped this credit and debit behaviour and started coming from the place that I am love,with no expectation, I have a lot more energy to share and I’m having a whole lot more fun!

4. Understanding Love is a Practice – As Much as a Feeling

As much as it is a feeling, love is a practice that we must “practice” every day.

When we routinely come from a place of love, rather than a place of fear, then we start to experience more amazing feelings, more often in our lives.

When I speak about raising our vibration by consciously practicing these Master Frequencies of love, gratitude, trust, accepting and allowing we will literally have more love in our lives. I have experienced a far greater quality of life – my relationships are deeper and more connected, more authentic and I am more in a place of joy and compassion and hope. Complete strangers comment on this.  

I can only put it down to the fact that I’m no longer trying to “get” love out of other people –  I’m no longer trying to change the outside circumstances, to try and get love. I’m seeing that I am truly my own wellspring of love. 

The key here is to intentionally choose love as much as we can every day. 

If we are intentional about it, if we are really focused on understanding what love is all about in our lives, we can actually experience so much more of it. 

It’s actually easier than you think – it is about being intentional in each moment. Before you know it you have strung together a lot of little moments into hours and days of feeling good. 

5. Meditate on Feelings of Love Daily

Start your day, and take moments throughout your day, to meditate on love.

Meditation is so powerful for us, because it helps us connect into our true Source energy and it helps us start having conversations and dialogues with Inner Selves.

So why not start doing a morning meditation to connect with love. If you have never meditated before you can start off with a five or 10 minute practice.

I find 20 minutes is what I need to get into a very expanded state of love, and when I come out of that meditation I have so much more energy available for my day.

If you’d like to make a start on this you can access my free, guided, 9-minute Choose Calm meditation  by visiting:

Choosing Calm

6. Have Gratitude for the Love You Have Now

Love cannot be in the same energetic space as fear, lack, anger, or sadness. The fastest path out of those lower-level frequencies is the Master Frequency of Gratitude. Research shows a daily gratitude practice literally creates greater feelings of happiness and peace and improves our health.

If you feel you don’t have enough love in your life you are in a place of lack and are holding love away from you. Instead, have gratitude for all of the love you have right now in your life. 

Look for evidence of love around you right now.  This evidence can be very subtle – the smile you experience at the grocery store, a phone call or email from a friend, your dog coming up to you for a pat. All of these things are signs of love you can be grateful for.

Last night I had a cup of delicious organic tea with rose petals in it. This morning I found this little love heart in my tea cup! There are little signs of love everywhere if we start looking for them.

7. Be Accepting and Allowing and Drop Your Expectations of Others

Resistance to what is –  not accepting and allowing what is happening right now – is one of the major buzzkills for feeling more self love and love for others. When I stopped trying to control, or change, the conditions around me and instead became more accepting and allowing I freed up a lot of energy and was able to use that energy to focus on positive things.

A case in point was my experience of my mother’s dementia. She was ill for about 20 years. When she was first diagnosed I was angry and not at all accepting. I was fearful of what was going to happen to her, my father and us as a family. I was also angry at Mum. I had expectations of her that she could no longer fulfill.

Over time, and after a lot of self-development, I realised that I was wasting a lot of energy in my expectations and non-acceptance of the situation. I decided to drop my angry, resistant energy and the difference was like night and day. I suddenly had more energy and space to enjoy my dearest Mum for where she was in her journey rather than trying to change the conditions.  I also felt so much better that I committed to spending a day a week with her and my Dad.

What did dropping my angy, resistance do for me?

I truly enjoyed the last seven years of Mum’s life and the time I had with her.  We were able to connect and she taught me alot about grace, dignity and the true meaning of love. In fact in her final year it felt like she was filled with love and starting to transcend her earthly body. People were drawn to her and her carers were openly affectionate – even though she had few words she was this incredible beacon of love for all to see. I’m so grateful to myself that I dropped my resistance so I could spend this precious time with her. 

Love – How To Create More Love In Your Life In Seven Steps
This is my beautiful Mum and Dad!

Remember we are the creator of our reality rather than a victim to it

We can also move to be more accepting and allowing when we realise that we are the creator of all experiences in our lives and that everything that is happening is happening FOR us at some level rather than TO us. 

Life is a bit like the river flowing to an ocean.  We cannot stop that river, its essential nature is to be in flow and for the river water to enter the ocean. Likewise, with our own lives. 

If we step into the flow, without fear but with love, then we’re in a position to be a little bit like a leaf on the river, just flowing along and always moving forward accepting what’s going on. 

When we’re accepting and allowing what’s going on and reduce that resistance, then more love can come to us. What happens when we feel more love? We feel stronger, safer and more secure. We feel more assured and solid inside of ourselves. When we’ve got those feelings, then we can tap into inspired ideas that would not come to us when we were feeling fearful. 

I know you might find this concept challenging if you’ve had some very difficult experiences in your life. I understand. I’ve had some extremely difficult experiences in my life too – dealing with anxiety, dealing with not having a child of my own, and my mother’s long illness. 

What I now realize is that at a higher level, I did create those experiences for myself. And I really needed to accept those experiences, get the learnings from them, have gratitude and then move forward. 

Over To You

So over to you to try on this new approach to love this week.This is a very different approach to love, but one that I can tell you has completely worked for me, my clients and many others.

So I encourage you this week instead of looking for love outside of you – look for love on the inside.You have all the love you need inside of you and you are worthy – just see how that changes your experience of being with other people.

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Love – How To Create More Love In Your Life In Seven Steps
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Thank You

As ever thank you so much for spending your time with me today.

Until next time take great care

Thank you again for listening and until we connect again lots of love and take great care!


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